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My name is Rafael Avelar Pacheco. I'm a programmer, researcher and soccer player on weekend. I'm master on Mathematical and Computational Modelling and graduated on Computer Engineering on CEFET-MG. I work as a fullstack developer and technical lead on @take. I'm also a member of Laboratory of Inteligent Systems, CEFET-MG. I love teach, talk and influence people about things that a belive I'm excited about programming, open source projects, artificial inteligence, optimization algorithms, games and books. I usually study, practice, learn, reflect and write. I blog about technology (specially programming) but don't surprise if I talk about any other thing, here is the place where I write about important things to me. If you would subscribe my blog use this RSS feed. I'm on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, GitHub, StackOverflow, Skype, SlideShare and Medium. I also have a chatbot (click here if you don't know what is a chatbot) that knows a little bit about me. I would love if you would try talk with one of them on Messenger, Telegram, Skype or Blip App. But, if you just want to email me, go ahead send an email to ;)

Why ravpacheco?

Probabbly you are quenstion yourself why my blog and a lot of my social networks identifiers is ravpacheco? Simple, this word represents initials of my name Rafael Avelar Pacheco :).



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